Chevron is the new black.


Chevron gas station was ahead of the times, y’all. Now, everywhere you go, chevron print is smiling back at you. It’s taking over the DIY world, one piece of furniture at a time.Image

And now, it’s gracing the dining room of the Carnes household.

Let’s share a story, shall we?

Once upon a time I bought a dining room set from a neighbor in great condition for $100. It was perfect for our sweet Hartford House in college and has been warmly welcomed into our new home. However, one thing has always irked me about this dining room set… the black vinyl fabric on the chairs.

It just didn’t seem to mesh with our home. So, I’ve been hunting for just the right fabric to reupholster them. While bee-lining to the thread at Hobby Lobby for a project to be revealed soon, my sister-in-law pointed out this lovely green and white chevron print, which was strikingly similar to one that I had intended to order from

With a 40% off coupon pulled up on my phone, I was immediately sold and brought it home with joy.

Now have ugly black chairs just begging to be redone so they can live happily ever after.

As you can see: I’ve got 1 down and 5 more to go! Can’t wait to show you the finished project. Off to work on another one!


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