Burlap Placemats for the Win

Remember the new chevron chairs I’ve been working on? Well, there is one other thing about the dining room set that I’d love to change. The wood is yellow. Not like bumblebee yellow, but definitely yellow.

And after finally giving in to my urge to by nice dinnerware/china (it’s been a long time coming), I knew we needed something to spruce up the table before placing this gorgeous setting down.

After seeing Pinspiration (Pinterest inspiration… see what I did there?) for burlap placemats, I decided I would give them a go to make the table a little less yellowy and a little more… well… burlapy.

Here’s the pathetic part. I received a sewing machine for Christmas about 4 years ago and have literally never made anything with it until now. I even had to have my mother-in-law remind me how to thread the bobbin. That’s how much I haven’t used it.

That college and working thing just kind of got in the way of some good, solid sewing time. But, that’s changing now!

And seriously, it’s awesome how easy it is to create these placemats. I’m loving it. Friends who are getting married and new homeowners, I’ll likely be crafting these for some great gifts. Get excited!

Check out this simple tutorial:

Begin by cutting the place mats to the desired size. For me, that was about 21 x 12 in.

After cutting your place mats, sew as close as possible to the long edges to prevent them from fraying.

Then, sew about 1 inch in from the edge on the short sides.

Finally, fray the short sides to create a shabby-chic edge.

Iron the burlap with a damp towel between the iron and the placemat.

And ta-da!

Aren’t they just lovely? I’m seeing endless opportunities for colorful napkins, too!

Also, must give credit to my other two sewing helpers. Without the help of the mom-in-law and these two sweet pups, I would have been singing along to the hum of the sewing machine (and no one wants that).

So, what are your favorite burlap uses? It’s just so versatile and easy!


6 thoughts on “Burlap Placemats for the Win

  1. These are precious! I am in desperate need of a sewing machine. And lessons on how to use one ha. I’ve used burlap for a table runner and to cover a pillow on a rocking chair. I really want to use it for some halloween decorations on my porch!

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