Oh baby… bow tie onesies

With a bow tie wearing hubby, I’ve always loved the look of them. I think there is just something about bow ties that is sweet, southern and handsome. Anyone else agree?

Case in point – the hubby on our wedding day:

If you remember, I blogged earlier about our friends’ sweet little baby, Whit. Just days before he was born, we hosted a baby shower for the Fehrs and another couple in our small group who will be having a little boy in November.

Now, I’m decently well-versed in wedding showers, but baby showers are totally foreign territory for me, folks. I mean, I went to the baby aisle at Target for gifts ideas and was so lost it wasn’t even funny.

After thinking long and hard about what I’d like the decor and gifts to be for the shower and how I could put my own DIY spin on them, I came across this cute baby onesie garland! Inspired by the onesie on the right…

… I began hunting for some fun fabric and decided on leftover pear chevron fabric from our dining room chairs and this little polka dot pattern:

With sewing machine plugged in and scissors in hand, I set to town on making baby bow tie onesies! Let me just tell you, they are about the cutest little things.

Follow along on the play-by-play to create your own:


  • For Bow Tie: 10″ x 5″ piece of fabric
  • For Center Piece of Bow Tie: 3″ x 2″ piece of coordinating fabric
  • Needle & thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Onesie

1. Cut your fabric in a strip about 10″ x 5″. Fold the fabric in half hotdog style (yea, hotdog style…), with the right sides facing each other and sew a seam along three sides, leaving one end open to turn the fabric right side out.

2. Once the fabric is turned right side out, fold the edge of the unsewn end in about 1/4″ and sew closed.

3. Fold each end toward the center of the strip to meet at the middle and sew a seam to attach the ends of the fabric at the center of the rectangle.

4. Pinch the center of the rectangle where you just sewed the seams to create a “bow tie” shape.

5. Sew through the “pinch” with a needle and thread to secure the bow tie shape. You should be able to let go of the center at this point and still retain the shape of the bow tie. Don’t be frugal on the stitching for this. The more you stitch, the more study the shape will stay.

6. For the center piece, fold the edges of the 3″ x 2″ piece of fabric in hotdog style again, and press with the iron. Fold in again to hide the raw edge of the fabric. Fold each side of the short edges in a bit and sew a seam to secure on both ends.

7. Wrap the center piece around the pinched and stitched part of the bow tie and stitch with a needle and thread until the center piece is securely attached to the back of the bow tie.

8. Admire your work!

9. Finally, sew the back side of the bow tie at each corner to the baby onesies and hang with clothespins on twine to create your baby bow tie onesie garland!

Isn’t it oh so cute! Each mom got to take home one of each of the colors for their sweet little ones. I just can’t wait to see some photos of the boys in their dapper onesies!

What are your favorite baby shower gifts for new parents? I’m thinking I’ll be needing to stock up on ideas for future friends’ kids!


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