A Perfect Fall Weekend

This past weekend the hubby had a full weekend off from school and studying. That only happens once every couple months, so you better believe we lived it up to the fullest, especially during my favorite month of the year.

Since we all know this is true, we opted for heading up to Ellijay for the Georgia Apple Festival, apple picking and pumpkin patching.

But, before our trip up to the beauty that is North Georgia in October, we made a stop at Chip’s parents house for dinner with a special guest – 6 special guests to be exact, shipped live from Maine that morning.

Hello lobster friend, you were delicious.

The next day after a mini road trip, we saw bees hard at work to make our Creamed Cinnamon Honey. Delish.:

Found some of my favorite apples ever:

Relived childhood at Burt’s Farm and began to make Chip’s long time food dream a reality… see this recipe.

And just plain loved on some fall…

The wonderful weekend ended with Sunday brunch with my parents and a trip to the fancy dog park near my parent’s home. Sophie was in puppy heaven. Check out this girl’s tongue…

Sweet, sweet fall. Nothing better.


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