Produce Galore

Like I mentioned last week, I took part in my first Athens Produce Co-Op this weekend! Not only was I amazed by what we got for SO cheap, but since then, I’ve been prompted to get creative with my cooking instead of making the same ole’, same ole’. Chip is loving it.

Check out all that produce… for $16.50 per week! Unreal. And the fruit! Pears? Count ’em… 8. We’ve been enjoying our fair share of pears in the Carnes household.

Since then, we’ve made:

  • Beef stew with the carrots, onions and potatoes
  • Twice baked potatoes
  • Some delicious apple, pumpkin seed and goat cheese salads
  • Brown sugar glazed carrots

Now, I’m thinking of an apple crisp in the near future with the apples here and from our fall weekend. Top it with some vanilla ice cream and I’m sold. I might even get crazy and break out the ice cream maker. Mmm.

However, I’m not exactly sure what to do with all that celery, though. Regardless, I’ll absolutely be taking part in another weekend’s co-op here soon. It’s no doubt an amazing price for all of this goodness!

Anyone have any recipe suggestions to put this produce to use? I’m always open to giving a new recipe a try!


5 thoughts on “Produce Galore

  1. I love it, Lauren! I am really interested in talking to you about this co-op. I looked at their website from your other post. Celery is one of those under-rated veggies. I usually say I will use it for snacks, but honestly I’m less wasteful when I use it with dinner. If you guys like chicken then I definitely suggest using celery when cooking it. Great in stews/soups (seriously adds umph factor) and I love boiling chicken with dried herbs and celery. Then you can use the boiled chicken in anything you’d like and freeze the broth for later. 🙂 Celery is also one of those awesome “bases” in Étouffée…and I know Chip would like that! Hope you are well…we miss you guys!

    • Oh such great suggestions! Maybe I’ll make some chicken noodle soup too! Étouffée you KNOW would be a hit here. I’ll have to make it a goal to try!

      The co-op is awesome! Let’s chat! It’s absolutely worth it!

  2. You can use the celery as a base for some homemade stock-with the bones and scraps from a rotisserie chicken(stuff you wouldnt eat anyways), carrots, onions, garlic, a bay leaf, and some other herbs and saute that and then add water and let it cook down and you’ll have your own chicken stock!

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