Ethan is here!

Today was such an exciting day in the life of a couple in our small group, as their sweet baby boy, Ethan, was born! Congratulations to the King family!

I absolutely loved being able to meet him and visit with his mommy and daddy tonight. It was such a fun time for their growing family and we’re thankful to be a part of it!

Had a chance to snap a few photos while we were there. He couldn’t be cuter!

Already a heart breaker with his precious mouth:

We even got a peek at his little eyes for just a second:

And such a sweet time for Ethan and his mom:

King, party of 3:

Finally, last week while helping set-up Ethan’s bedroom, we decided he needed a monogram banner for his nursery. With some burlap, twine and paint, I put together this sign for him. Instead of waiting for their return home, we made the maternity room cozier by hanging it on the door!

Now, we just can’t wait to come visit Ethan in his super cute “coastal” nursery! So much fun!


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