DIY Chalkboard & Christmas Decor

Happy birthday to my best friend, Bethy! Not only are she and her husband some of our closest friends, but they also are kind of our “weekend roommates”. As huge UGA fans, they’ve come to almost every home game, which means we get to spend some QT with them in Athens! We love it!

Another thing I love is that she appreciates my crafting and creating and constantly encourages me to pursue it. We talked about some things that she would love for their new home, so I began searching on Pinterest and my favorite blogs for ideas. After coming across this awesome DIY chalkboard, I quickly decided that a DIY birthday gift was in store. Plus, I’d rather give a handmade gift 10 times more than a store bought gift.

I already had a plank of wood sitting in our garage from a previous project, so just took it to Lowe’s to have them cut it for me, got to staining, painting and adding a burlap flower in the corner. Wah-lah… a chalkboard!

Also, I’ve heard Beth say multiple times that her favorite word is “JOY”. It truly fits her, and she is absolutely in love with Christmas and Christmas decor. So to complement the chalkboard, I created this little number for their new mantle (that her dad is building her from scratch… amazing).

I am actually thinking I might make one for myself now too, I just love it so much. We can be twins:

The beauty of these boards is that it can be made into anything you like depending on what word you spell: Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the opportunities are endless. Now, I’m ready to see it on their new mantle!

What is your favorite gift to give to friends?


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