Sweet Baby Photos: Whit

A while back I mentioned about a sweet couple in our small group having a baby boy! Whit was born on Sept. 11 of this year and is oh so cute. When mommy Stephanie asked if I could shoot a few photos for a Christmas card, I quickly agreed!

Not only did Whit come over for a visit, but his big Golden Retriever brother, Rhett did too! Rhett got some good play time (and very messy) with Sophie, so we had the house to ourselves while the crazy ones hung out in the backyard!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

Fehr eyelashes

Fehr awake

He was completely mesmerized by the fan! Too cute!

Fehr baby and mommy

Fehr baby feet photo

There is just something about tiny baby feet and hands, isn’t there? Gosh, I can’t get enough.

Fehr family

Fehr Whit blanket

Stephanie’s friend created this quilt for Whit! Amazing! Quilting is definitely something on my bucket list.

Fehr smiling

Fehr Rhett

And finally, Sophie’s playmate for the day: The ever-so-handsome Rhett Butler. He’s got a gorgeous color coat!

We certainly had a lot of fun having the entire Fehr family over and can’t wait to see the Christmas card come together!

Now, it’s prompting me to get my act together and create a Christmas card for the Dr. and Mrs. Carnes family per the request of Chip’s dad! Should be fun… stay tuned for the final product!


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