A special (full) weekend!

This was a big weekend in the Carnes household and full of a lot of fun!

Chip finished his last exam of the semester on Friday, so there was no doubt it would be an awesome couple days. I always cherish the weekends in between rotations, but nothing compares to a weekend where Christmas break follows.

It began with a trip to Athens’ favorite brewery, Terrapin, and out for Mexican on Friday night.

Saturday morning (at sunrise, no less), I got a chance to take New Year’s card photos of this sweet couple:



Marilisa and Taylor were such just the sweetest. Marilisa is a long-time friend of one of my college roommates and is a fellow Athenian. I love being able to keep up with her here. Pretty soon we’re determined to get our pups together for a play-date.

Immediately after that, we made our way up to Atlanta for something unbelievably special! It was MaMa’s surprise 80th birthday party at the Swan Coach House. MaMa is Chip’s grandmother on his mom’s side and super awesome.


If she wasn’t about the cutest Birthday Princess that I’ve ever seen, then I don’t know who is…


All of the ladies of the family were there to celebrate one of the best, loving, (and sassiest) women I know! Here’s one of my favorite moments of the day of the sister-in-law with MaMa right after the surprise.


From there, Chip and I met up with our best Atlanta couple friends for the Inaugural Couples Christmas! We’re talking a full afternoon and night of fun. Ice skating at Park Tavern, with a stop at Piedmont Park for some photos and serenading from a friendly guitar man…



After, we had a delicious dinner at Barcelona (taking us back to our Spain days!), a wine experiment with inspiration a la Freakonomics podcast (yea, we’re kind of nerdy – we admit it), some Secret Santa gifting and Elf viewing. Pretty perfect.

But the fun didn’t end there! Today we celebrated the mommy-to-be, Maria, with a fun, safari themed baby shower. As one of the gifts, the sister-in-law and I sewed a baby blanket based on these DIY instructions. It was absolutely the softest thing ever! I just love seeing how little details and crafts can really make a shower or party come alive.

Safari Themed Baby Shower

Overall, it was a pretty awesome weekend and I can’t wait for more fun in the next couple weeks with Christmas right around the corner!

What is your favorite way to spend this time of year?


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