Bench you’ll want one, too!

Watch out for sawdust, everyone, because we’ve got a master woodworker on our hands! Chip has been talking about woodworking for a while now, so for Christmas, Santa brought him quite an array of tools and woodworky things.

I got to be Santa’s helper and wrap most of his presents, so knew what he was going to open before we gathered around the tree for some fun. Needless to say, I think I was more giddy than him was while he opened! I kept envisioning incredible furniture and kitchen redesigns with his master carpentry!

Christmas gifts

To add to the fun, I gave him this book, which has already proven to be incredibly helpful! It’s full of easy woodworking projects that require minimal tools and experience. Sounds like a win to me!

We settled on a bench with an openable top to start. Seemed simple and useful enough, so off to Home Depot he went!

Hall bench

Pardon the terrible iPhone photo…

His grandfather was a carpenter and built their home with his own two hands, so Chip’s got some magic woodworking genes we think. One thing we know is that PawPaw is looking down on Chip and smiling while he begins this new hobby. Home Depot has become his new favorite place.

Here’s the man in all his glory!

Master Woodworker

We’ve decided that Chip will create the woodworking projects, and I’ll finish them. The problem I’m finding is that if you know me at all, you know I’m a terrible decision maker. Having to decide the location for the bench, the color of the wood, and upholstery for the top (that’s one decision I have made is that I want it to be upholstered on top so it’s comfy to sit on while putting shoes on), is woah tough for me.

It’s already pretty far along, as mentioned in my 2012 review, so decisions are a comin, people.

2012 Woodworking

First things first: location. But that’s not nearly as fun as colors and fabric!

Any thoughts on what fabric to use? Have you seen any benches on Pinterest lately that have really caught your eye? Do share!


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