A Biltmore Proposal: Lance + Melissa

There are few moments in a couple’s life that are more exciting than an engagement. So, imagine getting to be a “fly-on-the-wall” capturing every second of that memory. Well, I found out this weekend that it’s pretty amazing.

When our friend and Chip’s former roommate, Lance, asked Chip if he thought I’d be interested in photographing his proposal to his sweet girlfriend, Melissa, Chip instantly said yes. Then Lance topped that with the fact that the proposal would be at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Ok, twist our arms.

Plus, it gave us the perfect excuse to celebrate our 1-year anniversary a little early on a weekend getaway!

On Saturday, we sneakily climbed up the hill overlooking the Biltmore to document the big moment – or “Operation Wedding Cake” as Chip dubbed it.


While I was nervous we were going to be seen, Chip was calm as can be and kept commenting on how he felt like a spy… and was loving every moment.

After some stealthy hiding among trees and bushes, I was able to snap a few photos before texting Lance to tell him we were ready!

From the back

After a few moments of chatting, Lance reached for his pocket to pull out the stunner of a ring.

Reaching for the ring

And like a true Southern gentleman, down on one knee he went to ask Melissa to be his wife!

On one knee

She said YES!

She said yes

And then after a few moments found us, as I was now skipping around with excitement like a little kid in a candy shop. I seriously love documenting special moments and this one certainly qualified as that!

Found the photographer

Lance was not only thoughtful and smart enough to have a photographer come for the proposal, but also planned to leave a bit of time before the entrance time for the Biltmore tour. We got to get some great engagement photos at the place where it all happened!

Pure joy

Couple at Biltmore

The ring

Overlooking Biltmore

Couple in arch

Couple kiss

What a sweet time to celebrate with friends! I have been talking about how special it was all weekend. I truly believe that every girl wants to remember that moment when her future husband proposes. I’m just honored that Lance thought of me to make that possible through photos! Such a treat!

Now, we just can’t wait for this sweet couple’s wedding later this year! Congratulations, Lance and Melissa – we wish you all the best!


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