Happy Sophieversary!

Anyone who knows us knows that there is one little girl in our lives who is the queen of the house: Sweet Little Sophie

Sophie in car

Just a year ago, we connected with a local Lab rescue and fell in love with a little pup formerly known as “Puff” of the “Cereal Puppies” litter. We met her and her sibling in Gainesville and couldn’t say no to her endless kisses and sweet spirit. We signed on the dotted line, and she rode the entire way home in my lap. It was Easter weekend and we couldn’t imagine a better “Easter Bunny.”

Baby Sophie

A year later, we couldn’t imagine life without her. The kisses are endless, she can’t go a day without a cuddle session, and she welcomes us with excitement every time we come home. She even bounces like a little bunny, so we guess it never really wore off.

Really, she’s our little furry baby. More than anything, something about a dog in the family just makes life a little sweeter. So, Sophie, here’s to you!


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