Five Truths…

Beautiful Things

My current state of mind is relaxed and joyful. This “chilling out” thing is glorious and needs to happen more often. Vacations are beautiful and perfect and wonderful. Weeks like this always remind me that I need to take a break here and there, even if I think I can be superwoman. Here’s the truth… I can’t be (not all the time, anyway!).

Speaking of truths: a bit back, sweet Marilisa of Young Love in Normaltown offered up her Five Truths and challenged me to do the same. After a bit of thought, here they are, in no particular order:

truth one: I’m a closet craft hoarder. Whenever friends needed something from the craft store in college, they’d always check my stash first. I’ve gone through many craft phases and stock pile from each of them. Knitting, jewelry making, painting, scrapbooking, you name it, I’ve likely got it. I also tend to snag and store anything that I think could possibly be redone or given new life. I can always find something to do with it, right? My mom, a professional organizer, could just about croak when she sees everything I’ve got. Sorry, mom, but this DIYing isn’t going away.

truth two: It takes me way too long to wake up in the mornings… and I’m talking waaay too long. I typically can go through about 5 alarms before actually getting out of bed. Bless Chip’s heart. I’m actually a morning person once I’m out of the covers, but you’d better believe the whole house is awake at that point. In elementary school I had to create a mock-up of an invention. It was an alarm clock that had an arm on a spring that would tap you until you got out of bed. Maybe I should have followed through on that idea.

truth three: I’m terrible at decisions. I think it comes with the anxiety of the “what ifs.” For me, every major decision comes with a serious pro/con list. But it’s not just major decisions. The minor ones are not the easiest either. Chip and I most commonly get in arguments over what we will eat that night for dinner. We usually end up with a frozen meal, The Grit or Siri Thai, truth be told. However, I’m learning that most decisions have a lot less weight than I formerly believed. Lately I’ve been loving this great reminder: “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ― C.S. Lewis. With lots up in the air regarding our future with medical school, etc., I’m now anxiously awaiting those things ahead, even if they mean big decisions must be made.

truth four: I have a love affair with frozen yogurt. I rarely go a week without asking Chip for a trip to Yoforia or scooping spoonfuls straight from the container in the freezer. Much to my dismay, my sweet hubby is not one for desserts, so my froyo intake is on the lower end since we’ve been married. However, it’s likely a blessing in disguise. No longer do I forgo a real dinner for a big bowl of the deliciousness (Ferrero Rocher, Banana and Peanut Butter froyo topped with Oreos, raspberries and almond slices, please). Let’s just hope that wherever Chip’s residency takes us has a darn good frozen yogurt shop around the corner.

truth five: I always seem to have multiple side-jobs. In college, I won the senior superlative of “Most likely to have 3 jobs at once… in college.” That still rings true, as I love to be able to serve at the communications agency I work at, but also find joy in creating customized bridal hangers/crafts, shooting engagement photos, and helping out with wedding photography and planning on the side. What’s awesome is that I get to see the in’s and out’s of various industries that bring me passion. I have always said that I would love to work part-time at Whole Foods, Fresh Market or Trader Joe’s. Delicious places… and maybe I’d get a discount on the food! Hopefully one day I can add that to the long list of roles I’ve served!

Speaking of grocery stores, I’ll let you in on one extra “truth” that I spilled on a while back. Check it out here.

Well, folks, that concludes my Five Truths for today, plus a little extra one for your reading pleasure. Thanks to Marilisa for the challenge.

Now, I’d love to invite a few friends to join in the fun! Geales, Kaitlyn, Morgan, Chelsea, and Morgan, your turn!


2 thoughts on “Five Truths…

  1. I love this list Lauren, and not a single one came as a surprise to me. Your many hats and talents are so incredibly beautiful to follow! I’ll definitely have to return the favor with a post this week.

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