Athens, I love you.


Photo my own, Instagrams on wall… not my own

This month, I fell even more in love with our sweet town than before. While walking through the My Athens gallery on multiple occasions, various Instagrams caught my eye. There were places I recognized without a shadow of a doubt. But, then there were places I had never seen before.

I’ve lived in Athens for 6 years now. That’s 1/4 of my life.

It’s not a large town. In fact, it’s rather small… The small town feel, with everything you could want out of a big city (minus the traffic, thank goodness). After 6 years, you’d think I would have covered some pretty solid ground here… and I have.

However, there are still parts of Athens I’ve yet to discover, restaurants our foodie selves have yet to visit, and sights I’ve yet to see.

The My Athens gallery fanned my flame a little brighter for the Classic City. In fact, I’m thinking of creating a bucket list for our final year here before adventure (ahem… big scary residency) takes us to a new city.

All I can hope for is that it’s equally as wonderful as Athens.

Do you have any suggestions of bucket list items for us? Please share!


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