Welcome to the farm

Luke Bryan might have something going here. His song goes a little something like this:

Welcome to the farm
Where you can roll your windows down
Baby, take my arm
Ain’t hearin’ nothin’ such a beautiful sound?

I think I might agree. Yesterday, we took a little drive to Forsyth, GA to visit a close friend’s childhood home and get the full farm experience. It was a gorgeous day and a ton of fun!

Behind their house is a huge wooded area with a creek. Of course, Sophie was in heaven! She and 2 their chocolate labs puppies (who are 7-mo. and already bigger than she is) played endlessly. Never seen her have so much fun!

Farm Creek

Then, we had the chance to shoot skeet. Why is it called skeet anyway? Weird.

Farm Clay pigeons

We learned from these two:

Farm Skeet Shooting

Farm Barrett shooting

While I wasn’t great… I did hit a few, so I’ll call that a win. Chip on the other hand was pretty impressive.

Farm Chip Shooting

Being from the suburbs of Atlanta, I had never even seen a gun in person before this. As you can see here… I’m not exactly so sure how I feel about it. Once I got the hang of it though, skeet shooting was actually quite fun for this “city girl.”

Farm me shooting

Farm boots

After skeet shooting, we rolled the windows down and our friends took us on a tour of the property. Gorgeous, huge and unlike anything I could imagine growing up on. Plus, there were precious animals. Like baby goats…

Farm catching goat

Farm goat

Farm big goat

And donkeys… and cows, horses, dogs, etc. I loved it!     Farm donkey

The day finished with lighting the massive bonfire, watching it burn and grilling burgers. Pretty “farm” to me!

We’re so thankful for a beautiful day away and great friends to share it with! Plus, I absolutely love seeing where people grew up and seeing them in their element. Such fun finding out what they love about home!

What’s your favorite thing about “home?” Mine is sitting at the kitchen counter catching up with my mom, but I think I could get used to a little bit of farm life too!


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