A Fall Themed Bridal Shower

As soon as we finished college, there was a season of life full of wedding after wedding. Although that season has since slowed down for us, it’s just beginning for my sister-in-law’s group of friends! Lucky for me, I get to be a part of that by doing everything from shooting their weddings to helping coordinate bridal showers.

This weekend, we celebrated one of her sweet roommates and best friends, Madison, with a fall themed bridal shower. It was a perfect way to start October… and was complete with one of my favorite treats in the world. Check it out for some fall party inspiration!

Bridal shower I Do door hanger

Does that door decoration look familiar? You may recognize it from this post. I love how reusable it is! Just switch the color bow out, and it matches whatever bridal shower theme you have!

Bridal shower caramel apples

Bridal Shower caramel apple favor

The bride is obsessed with sprinkles, so we were excited to incorporate them somehow. What better way than on some homemade caramel apples? Plus, these favors doubled as place cards for all of the guests!

Bridal shower calligraphy

Bridal shower table setting

Bridal Shower Fall Tablesetting

I absolutely adore this patterned table runner from World Market. So perfect for fall. And my mother-in-law is kind enough to let me borrow it for the rest of the season for our house!

Bridal shower mantle flowers

Bridal Shower banner

The gift area was complete with a “Falling in Love” banner and a Bridal Jeopardy game!

Bridal shower game

Bridal Shower tort

Bridal Shower Bride

And finally, here is my sweet mother-in-law, sister-in-law, the bride and her mom! While we played the game and opened gifts, I got to create Madison’s rehearsal dinner “bowquet.” This one gave the last one a run for its money, as Madison’s mom brought all of the bows from her other showers too!

It was such a sweet morning seeing it all come together and celebrating the bride! Now, I’m looking forward to seeing the gorgeous photos from her big day coming so soon!

I’d love to hear what your favorite shower themes are! Do share!


2 thoughts on “A Fall Themed Bridal Shower

  1. Would you be able to give few details about the Bridal Jeopardy game ( some of the questions). Such a creative idea!! love you blog!

    • Hi Joy! Thanks so much for your sweet words! The Bridal Jeopardy game is a great one! It’s best to choose a few “categories” – like All About Her (could be called Sugar and Spice), The Groom, Dating, Wedding Plans, etc. We’ve also asked questions to the Groom about what he says about the Bride, so that’s a fun category! Then good question examples are about: first kiss, where was their first date, where they will go on their honeymoon, what are the wedding colors, etc. Basically any questions about the bride, groom, their relationship or their future marriage! Fun to have a little prize for the winning team. A little friendly competition. šŸ˜‰

      PS: The Daily Double is most fun to have it be a question that the bride gets to ask everyone!

      Good luck and share photos if you decide to do the game!

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