About Me

Hi there, I’m Lauren. Nice to meet you. I am a twenty-something PR/social media/events gal living in the Classic City with my husband and sweet little pup.

Chip and I met in Sevilla, Spain on a study abroad trip. Well, technically we met in the middle of the street during Twilight (Athens’ annual bike race). With many mutual friends, we were introduced as, “Hey… this is Chip. He’s going to be on your study abroad trip!” Exchange a few pleasant words. Finish the conversation and go our separate ways with friends.

He remembers it a bit differently than I do. His side of the story goes like this:

“Hey… this is Chip. He’s going to be on your study abroad trip!” Make awkward small talk. Both turn to find another person to talk to, but no one is around. Awkwardly go our separate ways with friends.

Fortunately that encounter wasn’t an indication of our life together, as we were inseparable from the moment our trip in Spain began. In fact, the Spanish madres even affectionately named us “los enamorados” (the lovers) and would make it a daily activity to gossip about the progression of our relationship.

After moving back to the states, a few years of dating and engagement, we got married on March 10, 2012 surrounded by our favorite people in the world. It was magical and perfect.

While he studies for medical school, I work and make fun things. I’m a DIYer, foodie, wedding dreamer and photography lover. And I’m blessed beyond belief.

This blog began out of a desire to document life’s little joys. After a good bit of encouragement and inspiration from others, here we are. I’ll aim to show you the best (and probably sometimes the worst) of my daily goings and it’s sure to be fun!

Thanks for joining!


10 thoughts on “About Me

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  3. Hi there,
    I was curious how i can get my hands on some of those fun wire hangers you’ve created? I would love if you could email me “amandawalczyk@gmail.com” and maybe you’d be able to make me some πŸ™‚

  4. Hello! I have a question. I noticed on your old blog, you posted a picture of your friend in a beautiful cinderella wedding gown from 2012. Would you happen to know the designer/style number of this gown? I have been searching the internet and are coming up empty handed. Hope to hear from you soon. I have a picture of it if you need me tot send it to an email address. Thanks!

    • Hi Alisa! Thanks so much for reaching out! Isn’t that dress to die for? The designer is Pnina Tornai – she got it at Kleinfeld’s in NYC. I sadly don’t have the number for you, but hopefully that helps! Good luck in your hunt! When’s your wedding?

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