Sanders’ 1st Birthday Party | Atlanta, GA Event Photographer

Today we celebrated the happiest 1-year-old’s safari-themed birthday party. About a year ago, before this little bundle of laughter came into the world, we celebrated a safari-themed baby shower in his honor! This time around bags of mix & match animal crackers to-go and delicious cupcakes were quite the hit. Sanders, we wish you many more years of smiles!Sanders 1 Bday Small3

Sanders 1 Bday Small1

Sanders 1 Bday Small2

“Hmm… what is this thing?”

Sanders 1 Bday Small4

“Oh yea, I could get used to this!”

Sanders 1 Bday Small5

“That was pretty darn good!”

Sanders 1 Bday Small6


Sneak Peek: Whit’s 1 Year Photos

Even though the Dawgs lost, it was a sweet weekend in Athens. October is just a whirlwind, so this weekend of a little bit of relaxation was very welcomed!

I had the chance to take a friend’s little boy’s 1 year pictures… and it was amazing to see how much he has grown since his newborn photos! Whit was so sweet and interested in everything. Plus, he’s quite the fast little one. We had a blast running around UGA’s North Campus to celebrate his 1st birthday!

Check it out the sweet cookie monster:



Looks like Whit’s a football player in the making! Hiking the ball already:




It was such fun to spend time with Whit, Dane & Stephanie. Now, I can’t wait for his 2nd birthday!

A special (full) weekend!

This was a big weekend in the Carnes household and full of a lot of fun!

Chip finished his last exam of the semester on Friday, so there was no doubt it would be an awesome couple days. I always cherish the weekends in between rotations, but nothing compares to a weekend where Christmas break follows.

It began with a trip to Athens’ favorite brewery, Terrapin, and out for Mexican on Friday night.

Saturday morning (at sunrise, no less), I got a chance to take New Year’s card photos of this sweet couple:



Marilisa and Taylor were such just the sweetest. Marilisa is a long-time friend of one of my college roommates and is a fellow Athenian. I love being able to keep up with her here. Pretty soon we’re determined to get our pups together for a play-date.

Immediately after that, we made our way up to Atlanta for something unbelievably special! It was MaMa’s surprise 80th birthday party at the Swan Coach House. MaMa is Chip’s grandmother on his mom’s side and super awesome.


If she wasn’t about the cutest Birthday Princess that I’ve ever seen, then I don’t know who is…


All of the ladies of the family were there to celebrate one of the best, loving, (and sassiest) women I know! Here’s one of my favorite moments of the day of the sister-in-law with MaMa right after the surprise.


From there, Chip and I met up with our best Atlanta couple friends for the Inaugural Couples Christmas! We’re talking a full afternoon and night of fun. Ice skating at Park Tavern, with a stop at Piedmont Park for some photos and serenading from a friendly guitar man…



After, we had a delicious dinner at Barcelona (taking us back to our Spain days!), a wine experiment with inspiration a la Freakonomics podcast (yea, we’re kind of nerdy – we admit it), some Secret Santa gifting and Elf viewing. Pretty perfect.

But the fun didn’t end there! Today we celebrated the mommy-to-be, Maria, with a fun, safari themed baby shower. As one of the gifts, the sister-in-law and I sewed a baby blanket based on these DIY instructions. It was absolutely the softest thing ever! I just love seeing how little details and crafts can really make a shower or party come alive.

Safari Themed Baby Shower

Overall, it was a pretty awesome weekend and I can’t wait for more fun in the next couple weeks with Christmas right around the corner!

What is your favorite way to spend this time of year?

Sweet Baby Photos: Whit

A while back I mentioned about a sweet couple in our small group having a baby boy! Whit was born on Sept. 11 of this year and is oh so cute. When mommy Stephanie asked if I could shoot a few photos for a Christmas card, I quickly agreed!

Not only did Whit come over for a visit, but his big Golden Retriever brother, Rhett did too! Rhett got some good play time (and very messy) with Sophie, so we had the house to ourselves while the crazy ones hung out in the backyard!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

Fehr eyelashes

Fehr awake

He was completely mesmerized by the fan! Too cute!

Fehr baby and mommy

Fehr baby feet photo

There is just something about tiny baby feet and hands, isn’t there? Gosh, I can’t get enough.

Fehr family

Fehr Whit blanket

Stephanie’s friend created this quilt for Whit! Amazing! Quilting is definitely something on my bucket list.

Fehr smiling

Fehr Rhett

And finally, Sophie’s playmate for the day: The ever-so-handsome Rhett Butler. He’s got a gorgeous color coat!

We certainly had a lot of fun having the entire Fehr family over and can’t wait to see the Christmas card come together!

Now, it’s prompting me to get my act together and create a Christmas card for the Dr. and Mrs. Carnes family per the request of Chip’s dad! Should be fun… stay tuned for the final product!

Ethan is here!

Today was such an exciting day in the life of a couple in our small group, as their sweet baby boy, Ethan, was born! Congratulations to the King family!

I absolutely loved being able to meet him and visit with his mommy and daddy tonight. It was such a fun time for their growing family and we’re thankful to be a part of it!

Had a chance to snap a few photos while we were there. He couldn’t be cuter!

Already a heart breaker with his precious mouth:

We even got a peek at his little eyes for just a second:

And such a sweet time for Ethan and his mom:

King, party of 3:

Finally, last week while helping set-up Ethan’s bedroom, we decided he needed a monogram banner for his nursery. With some burlap, twine and paint, I put together this sign for him. Instead of waiting for their return home, we made the maternity room cozier by hanging it on the door!

Now, we just can’t wait to come visit Ethan in his super cute “coastal” nursery! So much fun!

Lovely wedding {and bridesmaid} dress hangers

Over the summer, one of my very best friends (and the person that I’ve lived the longest with other than my family members) got married! As her wedding day gift, I created a wedding hanger with her new last name scripted in wire.

My first attempt at bending wire into names was for our engagement shoot and my wedding dress.


I love the look of the wire in photos and the elegance it brings to the wedding dress hanger. Who wants to find the perfect dress and then have it hanging on an ugly plastic hanger? No thanks.

Mrs. Hostetler’s dress was gorgeous, as you can see:


Shortly after that wedding, a friend of her relative saw the hanger and asked if I’d be able to make them for her bridal party. Needless to say, I was pretty excited!

After getting the list of names and having nightly wire name critiques from the hubby, I crafted up this:


I’m thrilled with how they turned out and think that the bride is so smart to give these as bridesmaids gifts! It especially helps when all of the dresses are the same and you can just look for your name instead of mixing up your dress with another. Love that.

After her group of hangers, I’ve been working on countless other wedding dress hangers, baby shower hangers, etc. and loving it!

If you or someone you know is getting married or having a little one soon, let me know and I’d be happy to chat about creating a hanger for them!

Stay tuned for a couple other wire creations I’ve got to show you!