Kaitlyn & Patrick Are Engaged | Roswell, GA Engagement Photographer

Imagine an engagement session full of laughter and easy-going personalities, and you’ve got this one. Kaitlyn and Patrick were such a joy to be around as we explored downtown Roswell and the Roswell Mill. At one point, we even had Kaitlyn hiking in her heels (see how cute they are below!). Without further ado, I’m so excited to share a few of my favorite photos from our evening.
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Whitney & Donnie Are Engaged | Alpharetta, GA Engagement Photographer

On Sunday I had the chance to photograph a long-time dear friend of mine and her fiancé. Whitney is the kindest soul in the world, and Donnie reflects that perfectly. I’ve known both of them for years, as we grew up in middle school and high school together. They simply adore each other. From the minute our time together began until the very end, they were completely focused on each other and the love they shared. Now I’m thrilled to share a few of my favorite photos from our session with you.




















Whitney and Donnie, I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding in August and to see all that is in store for you two! Thankful our cities are close to each other!

Amber & Bo are Married | Athens, GA Wedding Photography

2013 was an incredible year of growth for me and my photography, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who came into my life and the doors that opened. To close out a great year, I had the chance to photograph Amber & Bo’s beautiful winter wedding (all rain aside!). Amber & Bo have been together for forever and immediately welcomed me into their relationship with the opportunity to document the biggest day of their lives. Amber & Bo, a heartfelt thanks and congratulations to you two! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for your lives together!Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding21

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding9

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding6

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding38

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding83

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding80

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding74

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding58

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding53

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding176

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding169

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding118

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding165

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding157

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding145

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding137

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding197

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding216

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding225

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding98

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding277

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding271Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding280 Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding357 Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding401

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding425

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding468

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding434

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding450

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding503

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding535

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding564

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding589

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding601

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding642

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding651

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding662

Amber & Bo Wedding Sneak Peek

This past weekend I had the honor of photographing the beautiful wedding of Amber & Bo at Vintage Oaks Farms in Watkinsville. It may have rained all day, but you never would have known it with their awesome attitudes. The love that these two share is so evident and bold that a little rain was not going to put a damper on their day!

Here are a few of my favorites from the wedding day. More to come!

Amber Bo Sneak Peek14

Amber Bo Sneak Peek15

Amber Bo Sneak Peek3

Amber Bo Sneak Peek4

Amber Bo Sneak Peek5

Amber Bo Sneak Peek6

Amber Bo Sneak Peek7

Amber Bo Sneak Peek8\ Amber Bo Sneak Peek9

Amber Bo Sneak Peek10

Amber Bo Sneak Peek11

Amber Bo Sneak Peek12

Amber Bo Sneak Peek13

Amber Bo Sneak Peek1

Amber Bo Sneak Peek2

Amber & Bo, thank you so much for having me be a part of your big day! Can’t wait to see what is in store for your marriage!

Amber & Bo are Engaged!

This weekend I had the chance to spend the evening with Amber & Bo around Athens enjoying the amazing fall weather and hearing all of the updates about their December wedding. This couple is just the sweetest! They have been dating since middle school and are so comfortable around each other, which made for a great night! I’m so looking forward to photographing their wedding and celebrating with them! Here are a few favorites from our time together:

    Amber & Bo Engagement 10

Amber & Bo Engagement 12

Amber & Bo Engagement 11

Amber & Bo Engagement 9

Amber & Bo Engagement 8

Amber & Bo Engagement 16

Amber & Bo Engagement 13

Amber & Bo Engagement 14

Amber & Bo Engagement 15  Amber & Bo Engagement 17

Amber & Bo Engagement 18

Amber & Bo Engagement 3

Amber & Bo Engagement 19

Amber & Bo Engagement 5

Amber & Bo Engagement 4

Amber & Bo Engagement 1

Amber & Bo Engagement 2

Amber & Bo, thanks for a fabulous night! Can’t wait for your wedding at Vintage Oaks Farm next month!

A Fall Themed Bridal Shower

As soon as we finished college, there was a season of life full of wedding after wedding. Although that season has since slowed down for us, it’s just beginning for my sister-in-law’s group of friends! Lucky for me, I get to be a part of that by doing everything from shooting their weddings to helping coordinate bridal showers.

This weekend, we celebrated one of her sweet roommates and best friends, Madison, with a fall themed bridal shower. It was a perfect way to start October… and was complete with one of my favorite treats in the world. Check it out for some fall party inspiration!

Bridal shower I Do door hanger

Does that door decoration look familiar? You may recognize it from this post. I love how reusable it is! Just switch the color bow out, and it matches whatever bridal shower theme you have!

Bridal shower caramel apples

Bridal Shower caramel apple favor

The bride is obsessed with sprinkles, so we were excited to incorporate them somehow. What better way than on some homemade caramel apples? Plus, these favors doubled as place cards for all of the guests!

Bridal shower calligraphy

Bridal shower table setting

Bridal Shower Fall Tablesetting

I absolutely adore this patterned table runner from World Market. So perfect for fall. And my mother-in-law is kind enough to let me borrow it for the rest of the season for our house!

Bridal shower mantle flowers

Bridal Shower banner

The gift area was complete with a “Falling in Love” banner and a Bridal Jeopardy game!

Bridal shower game

Bridal Shower tort

Bridal Shower Bride

And finally, here is my sweet mother-in-law, sister-in-law, the bride and her mom! While we played the game and opened gifts, I got to create Madison’s rehearsal dinner “bowquet.” This one gave the last one a run for its money, as Madison’s mom brought all of the bows from her other showers too!

It was such a sweet morning seeing it all come together and celebrating the bride! Now, I’m looking forward to seeing the gorgeous photos from her big day coming so soon!

I’d love to hear what your favorite shower themes are! Do share!

More Weddings with Rustic White Photography

A while back I posted about working alongside Tiffany and Robert – the incredible duo behind Rustic White Photography. I’ve been so fortunate to join them at various weddings to second (aka third) shoot with them. Even more fortunate is that they have become incredible friends of mine (and just welcomed a precious little one into the world, who will affectionately know me as Aunt Lauren…)

I’m thrilled to share some of my favorite shots from the most recent weddings I’ve photographed with them! Now, I’m looking forward to an October full of wedding fun!

CG invite

CG kiss the bride

CG couple

CG bride

This light was just plain dreamy. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

CG dancing

  KB getting ready

KB bouquet

KB gift bag

I loved the Georgia themed welcome bags for guests. The bottled Coke was such a sweet, Southern touch!

KB stamp

KB groom

KB bridal portrait  KB couples    KB guys

Oddly enough, this last wedding was of my friend from freshman year in college. The bride and I lived on the same hall, so you can imagine the excitement when I found out she was the beautiful bride for the day.

MS dress

That right there is one of my hangers I’ve made. It’s such a treat to see the final product hanging with the gorgeous wedding dresses. It’s one of my favorite parts of creating the hangers, without a doubt.

MS bouquets

MS girls

The pure joy in this picture makes me smile. While I have no idea what they were giddy over on the phone, they sure were having fun.

MS bride

MS church

The Perimeter Wedding Chapel has unbelievable stained glass. I was in a friend’s wedding a couple years ago there and fell in love with it then. It didn’t disappoint this time, either.

MS couple

Overall, the experience with Tiffany and Robert has been an absolute blast and the weddings have been beautiful. I’ve been so thankful to have the chance to help document these couples’ special days.

And one more photo for fun… here is Tiffany’s baby belly peeking out from behind the curtains at one of the weddings. I always love a good behind-the-scenes shot. And now, that baby belly is no longer, and the most precious baby girl, Grace, has arrived!

RWP pregnant

“Swanderson” Wedding Weekend at the Duke Chapel

This past weekend was quite the celebration. I don’t take two days off of work for just anybody, but if you knew Katie and Scott, you’d understand why their wedding was touching, a blast, and full of lots and lots of dancing. They sure do know how to throw a party.

Katie is one of my best friends from high school and is a “forever” friend. Much to our dismay, I had never visited Duke University (where they went to school) before, but now I think I’d like to go back. It was pretty great. Not to mention the Washington Duke Inn, Duke Chapel and The Cotton Room were absolutely amaze. Here’s a little recap and some photos from the long weekend away!

My trip began with a walk from the WaDuke to grab lunch. I think I’ve realized I don’t mind eating alone at restaurants. It’s kind of nice sometimes, actually. And certainly allows for some great people watching. While it was a little bit farther of a walk than I expected, it was well worth it and quite pretty.

Swails tree

My destination was NOSH. And boy did I seriously nosh. When I saw online that its tagline was “Eclectic Foodstuffs,” I was sold. It had a precious little NOSH “bike-cart” out front.

Swails Nosh

And little did I know I had actually chosen out of the blue one of Katie’s favorite Durham meals. A portabella burger and curried couscous. And I found Waldo. What could be better?

Swails restaurant

We bacheloretted and rehearsed. And I saw the Duke Chapel for the first time. Y’all, this thing looks like it should be in Europe. It’s phenomenal.

Swails Duke Chapel

Swails rehearsalAnd the “bowquet” I created from gifts at Katie’s brunch bridal shower made its grand appearance.

Swails bowquet

Later, people said lots of nice things about Katie and Scott as we chowed down on some North Carolina BBQ at the rehearsal dinner. It was held at the Durham Arts Council, which was a seriously cool venue.

Swails flowers

Swails deer

On the morning of the wedding, I explored the property at the WaDuke before anyone else was awake. It is amazing – and huge!

Swails Duke post

Swails WaDuke sign

Swails WaDuke flower

Swails WaDuke carts

And last but certainly not least, we celebrated the marriage of two insanely kind-hearted and loving people!

Swails Wedding Dance

Swails Wedding Table

Katie and Scott, it was such an honor to be a part of your wedding weekend. Thank you so much for including me in all of the festivities! So excited to come back for a visit to Duke in the hopefully near future!

Brunch Bridal Shower

Today I got to celebrate one of my very best friends from high school at a brunch bridal shower. Katie is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. She and her husband-to-be met at Duke, so Scott and I really first got a chance to hang out during their downtown Roswell engagement session. I can truly say I couldn’t choose a better person for Katie than Scott.

Today was such a perfect day to celebrate all that is to come in their lives! With delicious food and great company, the shower was so wonderful! Plus, let’s be honest… brunch is one of my favorite things, so this was the ideal shower time! Here is a little look at some of the items we put together for the day.

This “I DO” door decoration was inspired by a pin we found on Pinterest. We absolutely love how ours turned out! I think I might have to make this project again in the future for baby showers and more. With some pre-cut letters, spray paint, burlap ribbon and blue satin ribbon, this project was the best “welcome” to the bridal shower! Plus, it was $10 total (with coupons) and reusable for future showers, so we were pretty excited about it.

Bridal decoration I do

Bridal Shower Door Decor

For centerpieces, the gorgeous hydrangeas were perfect! What is the most amazing part is that these came from the side of the house where the shower was held. One day I would kill to have hydrangeas like that growing in my yard!

Bridal shower flowers

We wanted to be able to distinguish Katie’s chair from the others, so added one of my handmade wire wedding dress hangers for the future Mrs. Anderson to it.

Bridal shower hanger and decor

Finally, it was such a treat to host the shower for Katie and to make amazing treats like these:

Bridal shower strawberries

Oh yum. It was surely a great day! And I can’t wait to celebrate even more at their wedding in July!

What is your favorite way to celebrate bridal showers? I’d love hear!

A taste of second shooting with Rustic White Photography

Last time I posted, I was shooting skeet on a farm. Now, I’m posting about a different kind of shooting. Second shooting, that is. Recently, I’ve been spending a few Saturdays with the wonderfully awesome Rustic White Photography.

I met them at Chip’s childhood best friend’s wedding in December. After some e-mailing, we met for dinner, and I immediately felt so welcomed by the two. Tiffany and Robert are the duo behind RWP and become your best friends the instant you meet them. I’m honored to be able to learn from them and tag along to some weddings here and there.

Here is a little photo update of my time with them:







Ceremony knot

The boys  Kiss

Guest book and programs     Centerpiece

It’s been a ton of fun and a great experience. Looking forward to the next wedding with them! Can’t wait to share more!