This is it!

This is it!

Today marks the first day of my last full month in Athens, and we’re making every effort to knock off items on our bucket list and live up life in the Classic City. I sure am going to miss it here.

Any suggestions of what we must do/eat/see that we might not have yet? They are so very welcome!

Here’s a photo from a recent item checked off the list: World Famous. Shortly after this photo I may or may not have gone gah-gah over their Chicken & Waffle Club. Trust me… it’s worth a splurge.


Hannah & Connor Are Engaged | Athens, GA Engagement Photographer

If there are 2 things I’m sure of this month, they are as follows:

  1. This weather is plain crazy. Yesterday was in the mid-6os and tomorrow we’re supposed to get snow! What?
  2. On the most incredible weekend of the year so far, I got to photograph an engagement session for the sweetest of couples: Hannah & Connor

Hannah & Connor have been dating for 7 years and have been through lots of seasons of life together! Hannah currently lives in Nashville and Connor is finishing out his time in Athens after graduating from UGA and ending an awesome football season playing for the Georgia Bulldawgs. When Hannah reached out to me to see if we could get together for engagement photos while we was visiting, I was thrilled! They were so relaxed and such fun! With a wedding later this year at the UGA Chapel, it only seemed fitting to begin our session on the outskirts of North Campus and in Downtown Athens.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

Hannah & Connor Engagement3

Hannah & Connor Engagement9

Hannah & Connor Engagement14

Hannah & Connor Engagement17

Hannah & Connor Engagement24

Hannah & Connor Engagement25

Hannah & Connor Engagement36

Hannah & Connor Engagement40

Hannah & Connor Engagement43

Hannah & Connor Engagement47

Hannah & Connor Engagement49

Hannah & Connor Engagement53

Hannah & Connor Engagement55

Hannah & Connor Engagement56

Hannah & Connor Engagement60

Hannah & Connor Engagement64

Hannah & Connor Engagement68

Hannah & Connor Engagement73

Hannah & Connor Engagement78

Hannah & Connor Engagement82

Hannah & Connor Engagement100

Hannah & Connor Engagement88

Hannah & Connor, you two are such a joy! Thanks for letting me be a part of your engagement!

Amber & Bo are Married | Athens, GA Wedding Photography

2013 was an incredible year of growth for me and my photography, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who came into my life and the doors that opened. To close out a great year, I had the chance to photograph Amber & Bo’s beautiful winter wedding (all rain aside!). Amber & Bo have been together for forever and immediately welcomed me into their relationship with the opportunity to document the biggest day of their lives. Amber & Bo, a heartfelt thanks and congratulations to you two! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for your lives together!Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding21

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding9

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding6

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding38

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding83

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding80

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding74

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding58

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding53

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding176

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding169

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding118

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding165

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding157

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding145

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding137

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding197

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding216

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding225

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding98

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding277

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding271Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding280 Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding357 Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding401

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding425

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding468

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding434

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding450

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding503

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding535

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding564

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding589

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding601

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding642

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding651

Amber & Bo Larkins Wedding662

Alexis & Hunter are Engaged

2013 was an incredible year for so many reasons. Some of which were the great opportunities that I had to photograph engagements, family photos, weddings and all of our adventures. I always say that there is something special about being able to take photographs for people… it’s like I’m documenting a piece of history, and often, one of the most special times in peoples’ lives.

Yesterday kicked off 2014’s photography with one of the sweetest couples out there. Alexis & Hunter are friends of mine from college. When I heard of them getting engaged, I couldn’t be more excited. The chance to shoot their engagement photos was just the cherry on top! We got to visit some of their most cherished places in Athens & Watkinsville from their time together at the University of Georgia.

These two are some of the most encouraging, genuine and gracious people out there. Plus, they were total troopers in the freezing cold! It was tough for me to pick my favorites from our session because they are just that precious. But, alas, here is my weak attempt at narrowing them down:

Alex & Hunter1 Alex & Hunter9

Alex & Hunter16

Alex & Hunter30

Alex & Hunter34

Alex & Hunter38

Alex & Hunter41

Alex & Hunter55

Alex & Hunter57

Alex & Hunter71

Alex & Hunter74

Alex & Hunter92

Alex & Hunter100

Alex & Hunter106

Alex & Hunter118

Alex & Hunter123

Alex & Hunter129

Alex & Hunter136

Alex & Hunter145

Alex & Hunter149

Alex & Hunter178

Alexis & Hunter, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this special time in your lives! Can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that are in store for you two!

Amber & Bo Wedding Sneak Peek

This past weekend I had the honor of photographing the beautiful wedding of Amber & Bo at Vintage Oaks Farms in Watkinsville. It may have rained all day, but you never would have known it with their awesome attitudes. The love that these two share is so evident and bold that a little rain was not going to put a damper on their day!

Here are a few of my favorites from the wedding day. More to come!

Amber Bo Sneak Peek14

Amber Bo Sneak Peek15

Amber Bo Sneak Peek3

Amber Bo Sneak Peek4

Amber Bo Sneak Peek5

Amber Bo Sneak Peek6

Amber Bo Sneak Peek7

Amber Bo Sneak Peek8\ Amber Bo Sneak Peek9

Amber Bo Sneak Peek10

Amber Bo Sneak Peek11

Amber Bo Sneak Peek12

Amber Bo Sneak Peek13

Amber Bo Sneak Peek1

Amber Bo Sneak Peek2

Amber & Bo, thank you so much for having me be a part of your big day! Can’t wait to see what is in store for your marriage!

Amber & Bo are Engaged!

This weekend I had the chance to spend the evening with Amber & Bo around Athens enjoying the amazing fall weather and hearing all of the updates about their December wedding. This couple is just the sweetest! They have been dating since middle school and are so comfortable around each other, which made for a great night! I’m so looking forward to photographing their wedding and celebrating with them! Here are a few favorites from our time together:

    Amber & Bo Engagement 10

Amber & Bo Engagement 12

Amber & Bo Engagement 11

Amber & Bo Engagement 9

Amber & Bo Engagement 8

Amber & Bo Engagement 16

Amber & Bo Engagement 13

Amber & Bo Engagement 14

Amber & Bo Engagement 15  Amber & Bo Engagement 17

Amber & Bo Engagement 18

Amber & Bo Engagement 3

Amber & Bo Engagement 19

Amber & Bo Engagement 5

Amber & Bo Engagement 4

Amber & Bo Engagement 1

Amber & Bo Engagement 2

Amber & Bo, thanks for a fabulous night! Can’t wait for your wedding at Vintage Oaks Farm next month!

The Farmer’s Market “Flavor”

For most people, going to the grocery store is just a dreaded task. However, for me, I welcome shopping for food with open arms. You may remember my description of grocery stores and markets serving as a sort of stress reliever for me. I find it weirdly exciting to walk into a store with a list of goodies to bring home for the next dinner. And on top of it, I typically end up buying much more than I needed or expected. I’m a sucker for a good deal.

But in an effort to soak up every bit of Athens in this final year here, we’ve been incorporating my love of food shopping into every free weekend we have at the Athens Farmer’s Market. There is just something special about the local food, local people and local flavor of Athens that you can’t find anywhere else.

And the color… oh it’s lovely. Here are just a few photos from our most recent visit of some of the best and brightest of colors.





I just love it. Fortunately, the market lasts well into the end of the year because the weather down south is so warm for so long. I’m super thankful for that. I’ll take any spare moment of stress-free roaming at the farmer’s market with a fresh squeezed juice I can get.

What is your favorite way to spend a free weekend?

Athens, I love you.


Photo my own, Instagrams on wall… not my own

This month, I fell even more in love with our sweet town than before. While walking through the My Athens gallery on multiple occasions, various Instagrams caught my eye. There were places I recognized without a shadow of a doubt. But, then there were places I had never seen before.

I’ve lived in Athens for 6 years now. That’s 1/4 of my life.

It’s not a large town. In fact, it’s rather small… The small town feel, with everything you could want out of a big city (minus the traffic, thank goodness). After 6 years, you’d think I would have covered some pretty solid ground here… and I have.

However, there are still parts of Athens I’ve yet to discover, restaurants our foodie selves have yet to visit, and sights I’ve yet to see.

The My Athens gallery fanned my flame a little brighter for the Classic City. In fact, I’m thinking of creating a bucket list for our final year here before adventure (ahem… big scary residency) takes us to a new city.

All I can hope for is that it’s equally as wonderful as Athens.

Do you have any suggestions of bucket list items for us? Please share!

Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

Last week’s “Grace” print making was in honor of one of my closest friends’ birthdays. This week’s was for one of the people who supports my creative endeavors most… and truly is one of the most encouraging and loving people I know: Pam Stevens.


Pam is the wife of the wonderful couple who leads our small group. They open their house up to us each week and serve with their whole hearts. They also feed us delicious food and provide us with our weekly dose of root beer. Needless to say, we’re so thankful for Pam and Steve, her husband.

After finding this quote on her Pinterest board, I couldn’t help myself but to create something lovely for her. The best moment was when she looked at it and said… “Oh you painted this for ME!”

It really is a joy bringing joy to others…

Athens Family Photos: The Hortons

This past weekend I got to reunite with one of my favorite families from my days of working as the Marketing Director at a Chick-fil-A in town. The girls used to come to all of the events, from Princess Night to Daddy-Daughter Date Night, and were always the cutest! Over the years, I’ve kept up with them on Facebook, so when their mom reached out to me for some new family photos, I was thrilled!


Kenzie and Kardyn are about the sweetest girls you will meet. This family likes to have a lot of fun, smiling and giggling all the way! We got to spend the afternoon doing some of their favorite things: reading, playing on the swing set, and running around North Campus and downtown Athens. They were completely in their element!

Horton reading Kenzie

Horton girls reading

Horton Wiggly Tooth

Kenzie was extremely proud of her first loose tooth. Looks like the Tooth Fairy should be coming to the Horton household soon!

Horton Christmas links

And so is Santa! The girls have a chain in their house counting down the days until Christmas! They were so excited to take another link down.

Horton swing set

Horton swinging

Horton family

Horton Kardyn

Horton Kenzie and Kim

Horton girls hugging

Horton girls skipping

Horton Kenzie flying

Horton Kim and Wes

Horton Kardyn bell

Horton girls and daddy

Horton family kiss

Aren’t they just the sweetest? Their joy certainly brought me joy! Thanks, Horton family, for a fun afternoon!