Merry Christmas from the Carnes!


Christmas is here once again!

And this year, I am so thrilled to send a bit of Christmas cheer with these wonderful Christmas cards. Gosh – I’m thankful to have creative friends. Flashback to a few months ago when Caroline Fausel (a friend from college and fellow medical school wife) and I began to chat about what I’d like my Christmas card to look like. I sent over a Pinterest board full of ideas and shared with her that the fabulous Rustic White Photography would be taking our family photos this fall.

Caroline created a ton of options for our card to let us choose our favorite. We wanted something simple, with a bit of sparkle – and she rocked it! Plus, she was a joy to work with (all while being a mom to a precious little girl and traveling with her husband for residency interviews).

I may be a bit behind on actually printing and mailing them with such a busy season, but at least we can share them here with you all!

Caroline Fausel Paper Co. does awesome work and can be found on Etsy and Facebook, so check her out. Thank you, Caroline! Appreciate your help! And a huge thank you to Rustic White Photography for this photo and so, so many more!

(PS: for a little throwback, you can also find the in-laws Christmas card and our Happy New Year card from last year here!)


Just Keep Swimming

SwimmingShe’s a swimmer, allright. The pool is officially finished, and she’s officially obsessed. After the test run at the river, she hopped right in.

You can see an Instavideo from her first morning in the pool here or search on Instagram for @LaurenLCarnes.

By the end of the day, this is where you could find her.

LoungeOr hereSophie Sleeping Now if only we could get some sunny days instead of endless rain, we could wear her out like this all the time.

A River Day

Sometimes you just need to take a day to enjoy yourself. On Friday, we did just that. I took the day off to celebrate Chip finishing step 2 of the boards (read: the 2nd hardest – next to step 1 – test he will ever take; one that consumes months in advance of constant studying, leaving room only for meals and the occasional puppy belly rub or trip to DQ for a Blizzard).

One thing we’ve wanted to do for a while is to get Sophie to the river. Typically days-off revolve around entertaining her. Honestly, sometimes I think it’s bizarre how much we love this little creature.

But since the in-laws are building a pool in the backyard currently, we want her to be fully ready for some swimming action when it’s finished. We know she loves the water from our beach trip last year, but it’s been a while!

Don’t worry… she loved it, as you can see:

Sophie in water

And enjoyed the view with her daddy. Just a boy and his dog:

Sophie & Chip

Y’all, I’ve got the prettiest dog in the world. Isn’t she so stately? She was posing for the camera.

Sophie individual

We couldn’t stay for long, or else we might have frozen in that water, but she had a blast. Shake it out, Sophie.

Sophie shaking

Now, she’s passed out on her bed and hasn’t moved a muscle since we got home. Weekends on “vacation” at the grandparents always wear her out. Not so good for the grandparents, but awesome for us. 🙂

At least we know she’ll be fully ready to dive in when the pool is finished later this week just in time for the 4th of July!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day-off?

Happy Sophieversary!

Anyone who knows us knows that there is one little girl in our lives who is the queen of the house: Sweet Little Sophie

Sophie in car

Just a year ago, we connected with a local Lab rescue and fell in love with a little pup formerly known as “Puff” of the “Cereal Puppies” litter. We met her and her sibling in Gainesville and couldn’t say no to her endless kisses and sweet spirit. We signed on the dotted line, and she rode the entire way home in my lap. It was Easter weekend and we couldn’t imagine a better “Easter Bunny.”

Baby Sophie

A year later, we couldn’t imagine life without her. The kisses are endless, she can’t go a day without a cuddle session, and she welcomes us with excitement every time we come home. She even bounces like a little bunny, so we guess it never really wore off.

Really, she’s our little furry baby. More than anything, something about a dog in the family just makes life a little sweeter. So, Sophie, here’s to you!

A Perfect Fall Weekend

This past weekend the hubby had a full weekend off from school and studying. That only happens once every couple months, so you better believe we lived it up to the fullest, especially during my favorite month of the year.

Since we all know this is true, we opted for heading up to Ellijay for the Georgia Apple Festival, apple picking and pumpkin patching.

But, before our trip up to the beauty that is North Georgia in October, we made a stop at Chip’s parents house for dinner with a special guest – 6 special guests to be exact, shipped live from Maine that morning.

Hello lobster friend, you were delicious.

The next day after a mini road trip, we saw bees hard at work to make our Creamed Cinnamon Honey. Delish.:

Found some of my favorite apples ever:

Relived childhood at Burt’s Farm and began to make Chip’s long time food dream a reality… see this recipe.

And just plain loved on some fall…

The wonderful weekend ended with Sunday brunch with my parents and a trip to the fancy dog park near my parent’s home. Sophie was in puppy heaven. Check out this girl’s tongue…

Sweet, sweet fall. Nothing better.